Explore all of Calenek's features and optimize your business today.


Explore all of Calenek's features and optimize your business today.

"Managing and growing my business has never been so easy!" -Ken Heuer


Our user-friendly scheduling features allow you to seamlessly create, edit, and manage your team.
  • Easily add Recurring Appointments
  • Personalized Colors and Team Themes
  • Send Push Notifications to Employees for New Assignments and Status Updates


Send invoices and get paid quicker with Calenek.
  • Professional Invoice Template
  • Send via Text or Email

Time Tracking

Easily manage labor costs and allow employees to track their hours.
  • GPS Clock-In / Clock-Out
  • GPS Time-Stamps to alleviate Customer Confusion
  • Time Clock Audit
* Pro Tip: Run weekly Time Clock Audit Reports to identify which employees are your top performers and staying on task.

Time Clock Audit

Calenek uses precise GPS pin locations to geo-track where your employees are while on the job. Once out of the app, the employee's location settings are turned off and privacy restored.
* Pro Tip: Scenerio - You have 10 employees that work 3 jobs per day, and you pay your employees $15/hr. Each employee decides to shave off 5 minutes per job. If you pay per hour, this ends up costing your bottom line $1.25 per job, $37.50 per day, or $13,687.50 per year!

Team Chat

  • Admin to Employee Chat Portal
  • Direct message one employee or Group Message your entire team
  • Push Notifications for new Message
  • Full employee Chat History

Text Notifications

Effortlessly communicate with our custommizable automated notifications. Send Schedule-Status and Follow-Up texts at a click of a button.
  • Appointment Reminders, On-My-Way Texts, and Client Follow-Ups.
    • Fully customizable including .JPG and .GIF images
  • Full Client Chat History
* Pro Tip: Send follow-up questionnaires to identify satisfied clients, and auto-direct them to your review site - grow your social ratings and client's trust.

GPS Tracking

Feel secure knowing where your team is for their safety, and for tracking your payroll.
  • Color-Coded GPS Pin Locations to easily see where your team is at all times
  • GPS Time-Stamps
  • Time-Clock Audit


Know your clients and their history. Quickly run targeted email and text based marketing campaigns to help grow your business.
  • Full Client History and Profile
  • Text & Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Graphs & Analytics Dashboard

Credit Card Payment Processing

Calenek offers competitive payment processing rates, included with all subscriptions. If you already have a payment provider, no problem! Calenek integrates with Stripe and
  • 3.1% + $.35 per transaction
  • PCI Compliant
  • Next Day Payment Batching

Client Data Import

No need to duplicate work that's already been done - upload your client details with our import tool; or reach out to one of our pro's and we will be happy to help!