The feature rich modular calendar system.

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The all in one calendar system.

Designed from the ground up to handle any business size, small, medium or large. Calenek is the affordable all in one calendar system for companies who specialise in remote team operations.

Fully Responsive Modular Approach

Fully featured modular calendar system.

Feature Rich Modules

Track remote employees in real time, send notifications and chat quickly.

Easy to Use

Ready to use on PC, tablets or mobile phones and the ready to use mobile app for employees.

Fully Responsive Modular Approach

Built with a modular approach. The main calendar is the centre piece of the Calenek system with modules built around it to create a fully responsive experience. Create, Edit and Delete appointments with ease. Create Teams and assign appointments to them, update your address book quickly and or chat with employees remotely instantly.

Feature Rich Modules

Many feature rich modules that add richness and value to the system. Follow your employees in realtime with GPS, chat with them in realtime, SMS any phone number to message clients or employees and Import and Export your address book data with ease. The powerful marketing module allows you to track the service history of your customers and help you contact them for marketing campaigns to increase the profitbility of your business.

Easy to Use

Calenek is designed to be easy and ready to use on the go. Works with desktop computers, tablets and any mobile device.

Discover our mobile app for your employees!

Our app is available on any mobile device!

Powerful App Features

Chat with employees, check in and out of appointments, get your appointment list plus much more!

Appointment List

Check your appointments for the day, check in and check out of your appointments. Get additional details, send photos back to the head office and issue invoices to clients all within the app!


Chat with your employees in real time. Send updated instructions, update schedules. Keep your employees informed and up to date at all times!

GPS Location

The Calenek app communicates directly back to the server, feeding and updating location data for your remote employees in real time. See where they are and direct there appointments based on there location!

Android & iOS

Available for download for Android and Apple iOS devices!

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