About Calenek

What We Do

Calendar meets Tech = Calenek.    We are a SaaS Home and Field Service Management Software, compatible with any desktop, tablet or mobile device.  Mobile App for Admins and Employees also available.

Why We Do it

We know what it takes to run a small business in the digital age, the challenges of having to wear “many hats” in a start-up mentality, and what it’s like trying to manage fickle employees. Statistics show, more than half of all businesses started will fail by their 5th year.  We want to help change that.

How We Started

Our Co-Founder Lorenzo Oliver started in the Service Industry over 10 years ago.  After spending his early career offering Pet Sitting Services, Lorenzo saw an opportunity to transition into the Cleaning and Maid Industry.  Today, Pristine Services is recognized as one of Vegas’ premier Cleaning and Handyman Services.  

However, managing the company’s success and growth wasn’t always easy – until Calenek.   As Lorenzo remembers it: “As Pristine started to grow, so did my operational challenges.  From trying to keep up with handwritten schedules and time-cards, communicating with my employees through multiple text channels, and making sure employees were on job-sites…man, it was tough.   I knew there had to be a better way.  I tried google calendar, half a dozen different scheduling management platforms, timecard apps, but still, it wasn’t what I was looking for or what I needed to organize my operations, so I realized there was an opportunity to build my own platform.  And after 3 years of development  Calenek was Vegas-Born.”

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Lorenzo – CEO
Evan – Co Founder & GSD
Mike – Lead Developer
Ken – App Developer

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